Saturday, April 22, 2006

Christianity: A Suicide Pact?

I am a Catholic. I've always found solace and comfort in my Church. I love the sacraments, the rituals, the traditions and the beautiful churches and cathedrals which inspire awe and elevate the spirit. But I've been troubled recently by what seems to me to be a counterfeit version of Christianity, one that preaches pacifism in the face of a implacable enemy committed to the destruction of our Church. The enemy I am referring to is of course Islamism as embodied in the teachings of the Koran. Muslims by the millions are willing to die for their "faith" while your "turn the other cheek" and "love your enemy" brand of Christians are not only unwilling to fight for their faith they compound their sins by criticizing those that are. Has Christianity and Christian civilization become so depleted and impotent that it can no longer successfully defend itself? I cannot believe that the New Testament is a suicide pact.

I am not a theologian nor am I an expert on the Bible. I would like to better understand where in the Bible one can find fortification and justification for a Christian warrior ethic that unapologetically defends itself against the jihadists? When the Arabs marched into the Levant the Christians put up precious little fight. The Jews met the Pogroms with the same self flagellating abnegation. Pacifist Buddhists have been killed wholesale by the jihadists. Of course with Charles Martel, his son and his grandson Charlemagne, the Christian warrior ethic was born for better and worse. The long overdue Crusades further reinforced this mentality. But today it seems that Christianity has metamorphosed into something flaccid and emasculated. Certainly our culture, or that large portion of it under the sway of the leftists has been rendered thusly.

Surely Christ did not expect us to "turn the other cheek" when confronting an odious evil? Did he ask us to love those who were determined to destroy his Church and its adherents? "Christian" milquetoast pacifists are facilitating fascism. How has the Bible managed to create such ambiguity when matters of our own survival are at stake? I for one do not intend to huddle in the corner of a church some day and meekly wait for these monsters to kill me and I sure as heck will not teach this to my children.

Christianity has spawned a warrior ethic in the past. And it would seem to me that our failure to do so today has greatly contributed to the moral decay and ambiguity of our culture. For if we've become so enervated that we are unwilling to fight much less die for our beliefs then those same beliefs are doomed to extinction. If we are unwilling to forcibly defend our belief system how could it not fall to the centrifugal forces of nihilism and chaos much less to the more organized and brutish forces of a ruthless committed enemy?


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