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Islam Bared

Srdja Trifkovic discusses "Understanding the Terrorist Mind-Set" in Chronicles Magazine:
The notion of peaceful coexistence is alien to Islam. Wherever you have the tectonic fault-line between Islam and other faiths and cultures, you will have conflict. It has been so throughout history and it is still so today, from East Timor, the Spice Islans, southern Philippines, southern Thailand, Kashmere, to the Balkans or the Caucasus. Wherever you have this fault line, you have conflict. If we were to exclude from the contemporary conflicts the strife between Muslims and non-Muslims, the world would suddenly appear an eminently peaceful place.

Those who want to “re-invent” an allegedly peaceful and tolerant Islam are the revisionists, and those who trust in jihad as a means of spreading their faith and their control are the ones who are true to the tenets of their teaching and their faith.

There is no sense of natural morality in Islam. A thing is right or wrong entirely on the basis of whether the Prophet has done so or whether Allah has said so in the Kuran. We are looking at a purely nominalistic ethical and legal system in which there is simply no scope for independent individual reasoning—and it is, furthermore, not allowed. You are not to question any Kuranic injunctions, or even the Hadith.

In terms of the Islamic world outlook, the very notion of dividing the political sphere from the religious sphere is utterly alien. Islam is a totality of existence: it is a religion, and a legal code, and the blueprint for political action. Any attempt to pigeon-hole the human experience into politics, religion, society, etc., from the Islamic point of view would be heretical.

We keep hearing from various political leaders—not only in the United States, the same syndrome is present on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean—the almost desperate attempt to make a distinction between terrorism and the allegedly peaceful and tolerant “real” Islam. This elite mindset is probably the greatest enemy of the Western world. For as long as this elusive “terrorism” is defined as “the enemy,” the war cannot be won. It has to entail the rediscovery of our spiritual and moral roots and the reassertion of our civilizational identity and worth. Unless and until the Western world does so, waging the war on terror in the name of putrid, lukewarm “multiculturalism” is doomed to fail. In addition, the sleepwalking is continuing not only among the political leaders, but even more outrageously in the academia and mainstream media. For instance, only a few days ago the Chicago Tribune had an article by a De Paul law professor by the name of Cherif Bassiouni, who claimed that Islam does not mandate a death penalty for apostates and converts to Christianity—which is a white-faced lie. The technique is called in Arabic taqqiya, mandated dissimulation by Muslims to non-Muslims. Lying to infidels is desirable and recommended. The “real” Islam has had 13 centuries of violent interaction with its environment. The “real” Islam is the one that has left the trail of blood from its birthplace into all four areas of major conquest: into North Africa and Europe, into today’s Pakistan and India, into the Caucasus, and into the Balkans.

We already have the second and third generation of Muslims in Western Europe, the North Africans in France, the Turks in Germany, the Pakistanis and Bangladeshis in Britain, and we do not see any manifestations of assimilation. If anything, the European-born, second and third-generation Muslims are much more radical and much more committed than their parents and grandparents.

Trifkovic dares speak the unspeakable truth: Islam is NOT a religion of peace. It is a supremacist ideology bent on world domination. There is no such thing as a peaceful and tolerant Islam for this, by definition, would be heresy. Islam is in fact a call to arms. Of course there are many who are nominally Muslim who are peaceful, but observant Muslims who accept the teachings of Mohammad (MHRIH) MUST conduct jihad against all that is non-Muslim. Islam is a fascist hate cult and, as I have mentioned before, a civilizational "perfect storm." There can be no peaceful coexistence with Islam for Islam itself will not allow this.

Multiculturalism, relativism, socialism and tolerance have weakened and undermined the West and its citizens. Islam is an opportunistic infections exploiting the weakened West suffering from a crisis of faith. Only a confident reassertion of Western beliefs and values can save it from the odious darkness that is Islam.


Blogger YJ Draiman for Mayor of LA said...

Moral and ethical bankruptcy

Americans are finding a grotesque echo in the moral – ethical bankruptcy and worse of a substantial sector of American society.

The “moral depravity” of “the Arabs” who kill innocent civilians. It is more than moral depravity. It is a culture that teaches, educates and breeds hate toward other societies that are not like them as they say “infidels”.

There is no way this situation should be handled with kid gloves – when a poison strikes your body, you remove it and destroy it completely, leaving no trace of such poison.

History has shown that these types of atrocities and acts of barbarism have increased in the past half a century and getting worse by the day.

With today’s advancement in technology and telecommunications, the world has shrunk, events on the other side of the world affect everybody (like the Japanese Nuclear reactor fallout etc.) it affects our health our economy, brings fear and uncertainty to our lives.

The financial crisis we are facing today is the price we pay for years of neglect and government abuse of power.

Is today’s society heading toward annihilation, you be the judge?

YJ Draiman

The Qur'an 17:104 - states the land belongs to the Jewish people

Every time there is a terrorist act, Israel should vacate an Arab village and raze it.

In most lives, I suppose there comes a time when one has to make a supreme effort that calls for every morsel of more and more endeavor and more than not that effort has to be sustained.
The Truth Is Incendiary
The Truth Is Hotter Than A Pile Of Hot Coals

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