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Imam George Bush

Credit to D.T. Devareaux at The Study of Revenge

Charles Martel
Mr. Bush is one of Islam's biggest apologists and through his insane insistence on describing Islam as a "religion of peace" he sounds more like Sigrid Hunke than the leader of a CHRISTIAN nation. Sigrid Hunke - first a Nazi apologist and shortly thereafter one of Islam's greatest advocates before she mercifully died in the late '90s.

Mr. Bush has muddied the waters of debate and he continues to pollute those same waters every time he repeats the lie that Islam is a religion of peace. He may as well be bowing to Mecca for all the damage he has done. His misbegotten Iraqi adventure pursuing the chimera of "democracy" has not liberated the people in Afghanistan and Iraq. They remain enslaved by Islam. Islamic constitutional democracy is a farcical oxymoron, a cruel joke and will simply ultimately usher in an Islamic fundamentalist government. The sirens song of democracy in Iraq has addled Bush's brain and is not worth a single young American life. We should have invaded Iraq, accomplished our MILITARY objective, and gotten out. PERIOD.

He has been willing to sacrifice young American lives on the altar of his own grotesque foolish democratic ambitions in the Middle East, and yet he is unwilling to protect our borders, enforce existing laws, and LEAD! The bottomless naivete of the Kool-Aide drinking Bush supporters is simply staggering. Democracy in Iraq will last exactly as long as we are willing to sacrifice AMERICAN blood in this foolish god-forsaken pursuit. We are wasting our dry powder in Iraq.

The European powers sold out their civilization after the first oil embargo in the early '70s with the formalized ratification of Eurabia and now our establishment is doing the same for the same misbegotten reasons. There is treason in the air and it is not only the Dhimmicrats that are guilty. The implications of this Senate immigration bill Mr. Bush signed on to are nothing less than the Islamization of the United States precisely the same as occured to Europe after the oil embargo. It does not even qualify as a Faustian bargain because we are selling our national sovereignity down the toilet for exactly NOTHING in return.

Bush is a timid poltroon willing to send our boys into harms way and unwilling to fight the difficult battles here at home. He is MUCH better than Jean F-ing Kerry but we deserved much much better.

God bless Western Civilziation and God Bless America!
D.T. Devareaux
I believe George W. Bush to be a Christian man. And when I say he is Christian man, I don’t mean that he dutifully obeys every Commandment but only that he defines himself as such and that it influences his decision making. And I, unlike my fellow atheists, agnostics, nihilists and other soulless meat puppets, don’t mind in the slightest – so long as his decisions he makes, informed by his faith, are good ones.

No, I don’t believe George Bush would formally convert to Islam, but with every obnoxious salaam to “Islam is a religion of peace” isn't he, whether conscious or no, performing da ‘wa? If it is his earnest desire to convince the American public and the world of that Islam (I haven’t heard the appellation applied anywhere else, least of all to Christianity) is a religion of peace, and if such things are designed to dissemble and to bring us under Islam’s shade of swords, then Bush need not necessarily face Mecca five times a day to open the world to the word Allah.
D.T. Devareaux
Christianity and Islam share the same God.
Charles Martel
Here, my friend, you are wrong. It is specious indeed to declare such. I will quote from no lesser an authority on atheism than Orian Fallaci: "I am a Christian because I like the discourse which stays at the roots of Christianity. Because it convinces me. It seduces me to such an extent that in it I do not find any contradiction with my atheism and my secularism. I mean the discourse conceived by Jesus of Nazareth, of course, not the one elaborated or distorted or betrayed through the Catholic and Protestant doctrines. The discourse which transcending metaphysics, climbing over it, concentrates on Man. Which admitting free-will, claiming Man's conscience, makes us responsible for our own actions. Masters of our destiny. I see a hymn to Reason, a revival of clear thinking in that discourse. And given the fact that where there is clear thinking there is choice, where there is choice there is freedom, I see in it the rediscovery of freedom. The redemption of liberty. At the same time I see in it the surmounting of a God invented by men out of solitude, out of impotence, of despair, of weakness and of fear to live and to die. In short, the dimming of the abstract and omnipotent and pitiless Gods that almost all religions have shaped for us. Zeus who incinerates with his lightning bolts, Jehovah who blackmails with his threats and his vendettas, Allah who subjugates with his cruelties and senselessnesses. And in the place of those invisible intangible tyrants an idea that nobody had ever had. Certainly, never divulged. The idea of a God that becomes Man. Meaning the idea of Man who becomes God. God of himself. A God with two arms and two legs, a God made of flesh who goes around making or trying to make the Revolution of the Soul. Who speaking of a Creator seated in Heaven introduces himself as his Son and explains that all men are brothers of his Son. Therefore equally sons of that God and theoretically capable of exercising their own divine essence. Exercising it by preaching the Goodness which is the fruit of Reason, of Freedom, by spreading Love which before being a feeling is a reasoning. A syllogism or better an enthymeme from which we deduce that goodness is intelligence and wickedness is stupidity."

Even as a construct, the God of Christianity is remarkably different from the god Allah. Sublimely and exquisitely different. But I would argue that the Divinity of Jesus Christ was the only way that man could find his way to so breathtaking an insight as the God of Christianity.


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thank you for the quote from orian fallaci (interesting last name!).....ive enjoyed your commentary at revenge.


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Blogger Charles Martel said...


It is a great quote and the insights contained are breathtaking. Thanks for your kind words.


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Thanks for the kind words at Revenge, and let me know if you need any info on video posting (its fairly easy with blogger you just have to use the embed script and all should be well).

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Like other confessional, orthodox Lutheran pastor I insists upon as accurate an understanding as possible of what Holy Scripture states. Thus, we often use our own translation from Koine Greek and classic Hebrew as we were trained to do in seminary. We also insist upon confessional subscription to Concordia of 1580 and use of the historic liturgy. So much for my theological orientation.
Do Christians and Moslems worship the same God? Absolutely not. God has revealed Himself to be One deity in three Persons (Father, Son and Spirit), co-equal as deity and co-eternal. If one cannot subscribe to even this broad, over-simplified definition of God then one's god is not the God of the Bible, not the God of Christians, not the sole, true, living God, creator of the universe. More significantly, unless God is described as having come to earth incarnate (in human flesh)to die for the sins of mankind that God is a false god; not your God, Mr. Martel, nor mine.
Semper sub Crucem Christi

Friday, November 14, 2008  

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