Thursday, June 01, 2006

Islam's Black Hole of Hate

The following are excerpts from Understanding Islam by Ali Sina:

Why hasn't democracy worked in [Islamic] countries ? The answer is one word: ISLAM. Islam is the reason no true and long lasting democracy can be established in any Islamic country and it is also the reason why these countries are generally poor, underdeveloped and backward.

Before trying to bring democracy to Islamic countries, we must build its foundation. It means these societies should first become tolerant, respect human rights and ensure that all freedoms are safeguarded. This is where the problem lies. The problem is that such thing can’t happen in Islamic countries because Islam does not allow it.

Islam does not allow Muslims to leave Islam. It does not allow people of other faiths to exercise their religions freely, let alone preach them freely. Islam does not recognize equal human rights for those who are not Muslims nor does it recognize equality for women. Islam does not allow freedom of thought let alone freedom of speech. That is why democracies in Islamic countries don’t work. As long as these countries remain Islamic, there simply can’t be any democracy. As long as they remain undemocratic, they will be a danger to themselves and to the world.

The problem is that Muslims are not going to blend. For that they have to give up their faith. This means that once they become the majority, they will not respect the human rights of others and will terminate all freedoms. The non Muslims in their own countries will be treated as second class citizens and even persecuted the way Hindus are persecuted in Afghanistan , Pakistan and Bangladesh and Zoroastrians, Jews, Christians and Baha’is are mistreated in Iran.

The danger of Islam overtaking the World through procreation is very real. Compared to this danger, Islamic terrorism is child play. With every minute that passes and with every baby that is born to a Muslim family in the West, the threat of Islam keeps growing and the life of democracy become shorter. Humanity is on the course of self destruction, and this is not going to happen in thousands or hundreds of yeas but within a few short decades. As alarmist as it may sound, the world as we know it, is coming to its end. If you are not scared, you should be.

We need to know our enemy and have a roadmap to avoid the big catastrophe that is looming over our collective head. What is at stake is the very survival of mankind. If nothing is done soon, everything will be lost. Compared to the threat of Islam, Nazism and communism were picnic. The problem of Islam is not going to go away. In fact it is only going to worsen. No one is immune. It affects us all.

Ironically, the Islamic terrorism is not our real problem. Our real problem is the Islamic demographic explosion and the dwindling of the population in the civilized countries. Even if we win the war on terror, we will certainly lose the population war. We are on a course of disaster of a biblical proportion.

The problem is not Islamic extremism. The problem is Islam. The root cause of Islamic violence is the Quran, the Hadith (traditions) and the Sunna (the examples set by Muhammad). There can be no moderation in Islam. Moderate Islam is not Islam. Moderate Muslims can easily become extremists. Countries that have had long traditions of tolerance and moderation have become extremists overnight. It is hard to imagine that Arabs prior to Islam were among the most tolerant people of the world.

Today, as we watch the religious intolerance in Pakistan , it is not easy to believe that only a few centuries ago the Pakistanis were tolerant Hindus. It is also hard to believe that the ancestors of the Iranians that today threaten the peace of the world and whose president says Israel must be wiped off the map and have taken human rights abuses to new abysses were the authors of the first charter of human rights ever written. Wherever Islam goes, tolerance gets out and terror sets in.

It is a mistake to count Islam as a religion and give it the same status as given to Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism or Buddhism. This is a fundamental mistake. Islam is not an addition to the American or European diversity rainbow. In fact, it wants to scrap the diversity rainbow and replace it with an Islamic cave.

Islam is the brainchild of Muhammad. To understand Islam, one must know its author. The truth about Muhammad can only be found in the early books of history written in the first three centuries of Islam. From there we learn that Muhammad was a marauding chieftain who rose to power through raids and robbery and who did not hesitate to commit assassination, rape, torture and even genocide in order to reach his goal.

The history of Islam is fraught with violence and bloodshed. The source of all this violence is the Quran and, the examples set by Muhammad. To know Islam and to understand Muslims, it’s important to learn the truth about its founder.

Every attempt to reform Islam throughout its history has met with failure. The ills affecting the Islamic world are rooted in Islam itself. This tree will not bring forth sweet fruits by pruning. It has to be uprooted. The fruits of Islam are all poisonous. Muslims are dangerous to the degree that they practice Islam and follow the examples of Muhammad. Even the Westerners, once convert to Islam, become dangerous. Americans, plot terrorism against America; Jews start hating Israel and celebrate each time there is a suicide bombing in that country; and the British despise Britain and call it “the third most hated country of the world” (after Israel and America). They become terrorists and cheerfully, not only kill their own countrymen, but would not hesitate to kill their own non-Muslim parents.

By following a psychopath and emulating him, Muslims as a whole, have entered in Muhammad’s narcissistic bubble universe. They feel entitled to privileges without commensurate achievements. They are supremacists by virtue of their belief and demand submission and servitude from their non-Muslim hosts, even when they are still the minority. In the West, they live a parasitic life, feeding off the welfare, adding to the index of crime, and breeding rapidly to take over their host countries in the name of Allah.

Thanks to this mindset and intransigent teachings of the Quran, Islam cannot be reformed. Any reformation of Islam is considered “innovation” and that is deemed to be a sin graver than heresy. All the doors of reformation in Islam were closed by Muhammad himself. No one can change a single verse of the Quran and this book is a manual of terror and a prescription for backwardness.

Muslims are trapped in a web of lies and shackled by fear. The fear of hell has paralysed their minds and as the result they are incapable of rational thoughts. They dismiss any doubt about Islam at once because the fear of hell and the fear of the “punishment in grave” have crippled their ability to think rationally. Islam is a doctrine of fear. It thrives with the fear that it instils in the minds of its followers and with the terror that it casts in the hearts of others.


The Muslims, through their intractable violence, intransigent refusal to assimilate and their utter disdain for the traditions of their host countries, have earned their eventual fate: expulsion from the West or worse. Soon, an awakened West will rear its ugly head, taking whatever steps necessary to safeguard our civilization. As unpleasant a scenario as this presents, it is FAR preferable to the prostrate West that we now observe. War against the Muslims is preferable to the destruction of our Western civilization and capitulation

Islam will not be subdued peacefully. There is nothing in its 1400 year history to provide any basis for this hope. Liberal pluralistic democracy increasingly seems incapable of defending itself against Islam. But the West will not go down without a fight. Finally, with our backs against the wall we will fight. But we will be forced to fight a two front war: one against the fifth column of traitors within and the other against the Islamic barbarians. The Reconquista will not be pretty. The Muslims will once again be vanquished from the West. They must or we will die.

It is the specter of discrimination and lack of tolerance that has provided the cover for the Muslims to invade and destroy our civilization. Our elites have been poisoned by the toxin of a virulent anti-Western multiculturalism whose adherents refuse to acknowledge that some ideas, cultures, people and values are better than others. That our Western Civilization is inherently and inescapable superior to others. That we in the West have devised an astonishingly liberating civilization.

Islam and its handmaidens on the left have cynically manipulated the West's guilt complex. Collective guilt for real or imagined past sins is one of the most destructive manipulative tools employed by the unhinged left and now Islam. For example, the guilt of the German people has been distorted and used to nefarious ends by the rabid left. Had the German people come to grips with the reality that totalitarian socialism based on a nihilistic relativistic world view was responsible for the orgy of killing then yes, a useful lesson could have been extracted. Instead the lessons drawn from the German sins are nearly always completely 100% wrong.

The Germans living today are NOT responsible for the Holocaust. Ironically, the left is the natural heir of evils of National Socialism and they are the ones who presume to preach to us the lessons of the Holocaust. As soon as one accepts the fallacy of collective guilt for past sins there is literally NO limit to the mea culpas that can be forced upon any group not wielding the reins of power. Collective guilt is a bottomless pit of mendacious evil manipulative coercion.

Islam is a civilizational perfect storm. Islam is not a religion but a fascist supremacist ideology that must be eradicated. Short of that, the only possible solution is absolute containment and separation. That will entail the forceable removal of all Muslims from Europe and the United States. As utterly impossible as this may seem, it will come to pass, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Though the Muslims themselves are Islam’s greatest victims they do deserve whatever they reap. I hope and pray Americans and Europeans still have a blood lust lurking close to the surface because we will need every ounce in the upcoming epic battle against the Islamic savages. Europe and America have slept long enough and remain a far cry from tapping the wellspring of passion, courage, righteousness, nationalism, civilizational pride and utter intolerance necessary to defeat the Islamic barbarians. If the barbarians do not overplay their hand and strike prematurely then Europe could fall without a whimper to the demographic tsunami. But, as they must, the sons of allah will inevitably overplay their hand. The Reconquista will not be pretty.